We are idea makers, visionaries and creative genius. Our mantra is turning independent emerging brands into respectable brands!


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We are idea makers, visionaries and creative genius. Our mantra is turning emerging brands into respectable brands!

About us

Brand Indie is a full service boutique branding agency and branding incubator program, Brand Indie Branding Incubator ( BIBI ), caters directly to minority owned emerging independent beauty and fashion brands. We work with indie brand owners that are looking to launch, rebuild or even expand their brands so that they may achieve a higher level of success, and become the brand of choice within their target markets. We are purpose-driven and entrepreneurial at heart. We’re held together by an affinity for meaningful work and a desire to help people who think and dream big.

Our Team

Our collective of thinkers, makers, and doers work with indie brand owners that are looking to launch, rebuild or even expand their brands. The Brand Indie team consists of brand designers, photographers, storytellers, researchers, writers, photo shoot coordinators, wardrobe stylist, graphic designers, event planners, content producers and more. We love a good challenge. Let our team give your brand not only meaning but a purpose.

Our Founder & Co Founder

In 2006, Le’Ticia F & Ebony Rollins, met on the set of a photo shoot and clicked immediately. At the time Le’Ticia was an emerging makeup artist and hairstylist and Ebony was a photo shoot coordinator and wardrobe stylist. After working alongside Ebony for years Le’Ticia decided to leave Detroit to continue her training as an editorial fashion photographer, wardrobe stylist and makeup artist in NYC and Los Angeles. After perfecting her skills, gaining experience and building relationships with other creatives she decided to move back home to start her own fashion magazine and clothing line. During that same time Ebony launched a fashion consulting firm, completed a well-respected business accelerator program and produced several fashion events catered towards emerging fashion designers. In 2008 the duo reconnected, focusing their energy on helping indie brands and creative artists develop their brands. Their passion grew and became Brand Indie, a branding incubator and branding agency. Le’Ticia F (founder) & Ebony Rollins (Co-founder) now lead a team of experienced professionals helping emerging creatives develop and maintain their brands.


Being an indie designer is hard & finding affordable branding service was even harder. But I was lucky enough to have connected with Le'TiciaF and Brand Indie online. After my first consultation I knew right way that I had lucked up and found a company that would be all of the help I needed. They designed my beautiful logo and helped me come up with the name of my clothing line. Thanks so much ladies!

Shunta Smith ( Independent Fashion Designer )


Everyone kept telling me that it was time to stop selling my designs via DM message on Instagram. I needed a brand but my budget was so small I didn't know where to start. A friend told me about Brand Indie, so I decided to take three of their really affordable ( BIBI ) workshop courses. I learned so much that I was able to start the process of building my brand this year. Thanks so much ladies!

Jessica Williams ( Independent Fashion Designer )


Brand Indie gave me step-by step guidance on how to update my brand. The relaunch of my brand brought in tons of new customers that were ready to shop with me! Thanks to the lovely ladies of brand indie, people respect my brand now!

Derek Johnson ( Brand Owner )